Is a licensed fiduciary  and trust company regulated by the Banking Superintendence of Panama (SBP).

We have 40 + years of combined legal and
financial services experience.

We specialize in financial services,
securities and custody.

Fideicommissum Commited to Trust


Trustee Services

We provide execution of trusts in broad industries and market segments such as:

  • Guarantee Trusts
  • Administration Trusts

Custody of Assets

Safeguarding client assets in complete security.

We provide a range of custody services with custodians of financial strength.


Strategic Partners

  • Custodian Banks
  • Financial Institutions


Managed Trust Structures 

MTS are tailoremade trust structures designed to execute specific client mandates.

Financial Intermediaries

We provide neutral institutional third party administration of assets in legal and commercial transactions.

Custody of Assets

We work with the premiere local and international custodian banks in order to safeguard client assets. We are a recognized custodian for corporate shares.


Securities Markets and

Institutional Clients

    We provide expertise and structures for active or passive administration of port-folios.

    Feedback and Questions

    Please forward any enquiries through our meesage format or email is at:

    > info@cafstrust. com

    PH World Trade Center, Piso 11, Oficina 1104, Calle 53, Marbella, Ciudad de Panamá.
    T (507) 375-2824