Fideicommissum Commited to Trust

“It translates from the Latin word fides (trust) and committere (to commit),

meaning that something is committed to one’s trust.”

We provide neutral institutional third party administration of assets.

Our board of directors are respected members of the financial and legal community.

We mitigate conflicts of interest by being a wholly owned firm.

Board of Directors

Luis A. Shirley Campbell

President & Chairman

Founder of Shirley a Asoc., a full service law firm with more than 40 years experience and global relationships.

Daniel Ciniglio Simons

Managing Partner

Completed studies of Finance 8 Insu-rance and Risk Management with a Concentration in French from the Univ. of South Carolina in 2001 (Columbia, USA).

  • He is a member of the board of directors and General Manager.
  • Licensed Securities Analyst
  • Licensed Executive Principal
  • Trust and Fiduciary Magister

Priscilla Shirley 


Attended primary and secondary education in Panama City, at the International School of Maria Inmaculada graduating in 2007.
Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science at the University of Panama graduating as part of the Chapter of Honor Sigma Lambda, as Valedictorian in 2013.
obtained a Masters in Commercial Law (LLM) at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, in 2014. 
Has a solid Background in commercial agreements and contracts, Maritime Law, Corporation Law and International Arbitration. 

in corporate, real estate and international law.

Camilo Navarro


  • Coordinates, evaluates and follows up on Naquel investments with UBS, Geneva Asset Management, In On Capital, Banco General, Trenco, Tropic Star Lodge, and other banks and parties, with the explicit mandate of capital growth and reducing country risk.

  • Schedules and tracks Family Office dividend payments, bill payments, taxes, credit card fees, maintenance fees, checks, checking accounts, shipping and other office tasks.

Legislations and Regulators 

Laws and


Law 1, January 5,1984
Regulates Fiduaciary and Trust Bussiness in Panama
International AML and KYC Parameters

Yorlenis Mela 


Ms. Mela graduated with honors from Universidad de Panama with a degree in Law and Political Science. Honors Chorter Sigma Lambda.

Links of interest 

Panamanian Banking Superintendency

Panamanian Securities Market Superintendency

Panama Stock Exchange

Compliance Department 

We always strive to meet and exceed the highest standards. In regards to laws and regulations, Law 23 of 2015 increases the requirements for Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. Our Compliance Officer meets and exceeds Banking Law requirements for the position. “

Patricia Quintero

Patricia Quintero

Compliance Officer

Ricardo Henriquez P.

Compliance Officer

Mr. Henriquez holds a Labelled Degree in Management from Nova University in Panama. Mr Henriquez Has 30 year experience in business, financial and banking industries. 
  • Licensed Insurance Broker. 
  • Licensed Securities Analyst. 
  • Licensed Principal Executive. 


Accounting and Auditing

Betzy Aguilar

Compliance Officer

Accountant, records management, COMPLETE CYCLE: accounts receivable, accounts payable, income control, issuance of invoices, petty cash balance, bank reconciliations, portfolio reconciliation, depreciation, amortization, preparation for the presentation of quarterly atoms and monthly, presentation of the Itbms to the DGI, calculation of fortnightly spreadsheets with their accounting entries, management of the SIPE-CSS system to present the monthly pre-prepared, monthly closings and internal Financial Statements.

Our Office

Feedback and Questions

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our meesage format or email is at:

> info@cafstrust. com

PH World Trade Center, Piso 11, Oficina 1104, Calle 53, Marbella, Ciudad de Panamá.
T (507) 375-2824